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Mikael Lovell, founded in 2020 by Madison John, is a brand dedicated to celebrating diversity and sharing joy through thoughtfully designed greeting cards. Our mission is rooted in empowerment and inclusivity, reflecting the passion of our founder, who is a devoted mother, student, and aspiring entrepreneur. We are more than just a business; we are a symbol of unity and cultural celebration.

Our Inspiration

Mikael Lovell takes its name from Madison's beloved son, embodying the essence of love, unity, and acceptance. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower individuals of all ethnicities, colours, and sizes through the art of greeting cards. Our products are thoughtfully illustrated and designed to uplift your spirit and bring smiles to people's faces on every occasion.

A Journey Rooted in London's Vibrancy

Madison's journey is deeply intertwined with her upbringing in London, a city known for its cultural richness. She fondly recalls the anticipation of special occasions like Birthdays and Christmas, cherished moments spent with her large and diverse family.

A poignant memory from her childhood is visiting Shepherds Bush market with her mother, where they sought out the only card stall catering to the black ethnic population. Despite the love behind the gesture, Madison often found herself choosing the same card for her Nan as her Aunty due to limited design options for ethnically diverse cards.

Turning Grief into Inspiration

Tragedy struck when Madison's Nan passed away, coinciding with the news of her impending motherhood. In that profound moment, she sought a way to honour Nan's memory, especially as she embarked on the journey of motherhood herself. Madison reflected on the countless celebrations she and her family shared with her Nan, igniting the spark of innovation.

This spark led to the creation of Mikael Lovell, a brand dedicated to celebrating life, happiness, and love through diverse and inclusive greeting cards.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond diversity and inclusivity, Mikael Lovell is committed to sustainability. Our cards are crafted from biodegradable paper and produced using 100% green energy. We are passionate about promoting eco-friendliness and contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.

Join Our Journey

Mikael Lovell invites you to explore our collection of greeting cards that represent different cultural backgrounds and personal styles. We aim to put smiles on faces, no matter the occasion, and empower you to spread joy among your loved ones.

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